Workshop Title
The learner is expected to manage complex tools in order to create value and new opportunities

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Step 1: Introduction to what empathy is and preparing the customer segment for an empathy map (PPT). for example:

-The concept of empathy and empathetic people

-Determining for which group of customers we want to develop a product or service.

Step 2: Give participants the worksheet (Appendix 0.2) and ask them to select one customer segment

Step 3: Give them 45′ to list your prospect segment and their characteristics

Step 4: Based on the available statistics, verify the assumptions about the customer segment.


Step 1: Presentation on the empathy map (PPT)

Step 2: Divide the audience into groups.

Step 3: Assign a wall or panel area to each group and provide the necessary materials (markers, paper, flipcharts, sticky notes, and any other poster material). You can encourage participants to use the materials they have with them

Step 4: Display questions that can be asked in each area of ​​the empathy map (Appendix 0.3)

Step 5: Participants in one of the predefined customer segment create a list of customer behaviors in six defined areas.

Step 6: Looking at their answers to the questions posed in each area of ​​the empathy map, listeners must select some key pieces of information that will indicate what kinds of needs they can satisfy or what problems their clients can solve. They should be divided into functional, social, emotional, basic).

Step 1: Based on the collected information about the customer segment, create an empathy map referring to specific areas (Appendix 0.4)

Step 2: The learners, through group discussion, refer to the most important aspects diagnosed earlier

Step 3: Finally, you discuss the empathy maps that the teams have prepared with the other groups.