Welcome to Online Open e-learning Networking Space of INSPIRE project

Today, as trainers and trainees, the digital age is one that we need to embrace. Technology in education opens up a huge world of possibilities as to how we convey, share, and engage with trainees presenting different ideas, facts, and theories. Furthermore, the communication is made far easier today vie using online platforms. For this reason, the INSPIRE partnership will develop an Online open e-learning/networking space.

The online space will be based on the idea that knowledge should be disseminated and shared freely through the Internet for the benefit of society as a whole as well as the communication of people from various backgrounds but with sharing interests, such as those participating in the INSPIRE training course, can easily come together and discuss upon maters that need feedback, brainstorming new ideas etc. The end-user of the INSPIRE online space will be able to use or read the learning resource.

Since all the resources will be downloadable or hyperlinked. The developed space will provide services as an e-library, training materials and communication among the users/forum. Its central mission will be to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to knowledge and information. It will provide information and services that are essential to learning and progress as well as promote the dialogue among the students, trainers and facilitators.


Register as trainer to get access to the training material addressed at both EQF levels 5 & 6


TNA tool for the learner


Access to e-library, with books, articles, PPT files, videos, websites, training material, recommended bibliography.


Exchange of knowledge between trainers and trainees