Workshop Title
The learner is expected to lead a team in unpredictable situation assuming responsibility for the results

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Step 1: Introduction to what change is and how to manage it in the company’s workforce. (PPT)

  • Attempting to define a change
  • Roles of employees in the change process o Defining the change time, allies supporting changes, opponents of changes,
  • The course of negotiations on changes between group members, who are allies and opponents (switching from fight to cooperation),

Step 2: Divide the audience into groups and give participants the worksheet (Appendix 0.2) and ask them to complete it.

Step 3: Allow them 60′ to discuss in teams on specific topics listed in Appendix 0.2.

Step 1: Present the structure of the company’s (team of employees) stakeholder analysis in the change process (PPT)

Step 2: Ask the audience to choose the change for which the stakeholder analysis will be developed. Select from the proposed changes in exercise 1. Work in groups of several people.

Step 3: Identify internal stakeholders – from the group of company employees. For example, employees of the production department, sales department, administration, 1st-level management, 2nd-level managers, etc. Stakeholders should enter changes in the table in Appendix 0.3.

Step 4: According to the structure of the table in Appendix 0.3, describe the stakeholders in quantitative and qualitative terms (positive and negative stance of stakeholders).

Step 5. Determining the importance of individual stakeholders on the map according to the example in Appendix 0.3.

Step 6. Determine the relevance of the internal stakeholder after the group discussion. The greater the importance, the larger the circle is on the map.

Step 7: Set aside 45′ for the final brainstorming session between all groups.

Step 8: End with a discussion on the possibility of cooperation between a group of employees in the process of planning changes in the company.