Workshop Title
The learner is expected to be able to take initiatives to face challenging issues, to be resilient, to analyze challenges and to create value

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Step 1: Start with a brief introduction of the concept of uncertainty, the distinction between uncertainty and risk, and present levels of uncertainty (PPT).

Step 2: Split student into groups

Step 3: Pass out to participants the exercise Worksheet (Attachment 0.2).

Step 4: Ask each group to think about the different levels of uncertainty.

Step 5: Close with discussion.

Step 1: Briefly present the difference between change and transformation. Present the process of Agile transformation (PPT).

Step 2: Split students into groups

Step 3: Pass out to participants the exercise Worksheet (Attachment 0.3).

Step 4: Every group will select one person to be the product manager, and everybody else will be a customer.

Step 5: The product manager is tasked with creating a chocolate bar that customers will love, and they have their choice of type of chocolate, fillings, toppings, and any other special features

Step 6: Each iteration gives the product manager a chance to source feedback from their customers on different elements of the chocolate bar. They’ll ask customers to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each type of chocolate during the first round. They’ll make a final decision, jot it down, and move on to the next iteration, where they’ll ask about fillings.

Step 7: They’ll keep going until they’ve created a chocolate bar that satisfies the majority of their customers.

Step 8: Close with discussion.