Workshop Title
The learner is expected to recognize Market Requirements and Manage Business Goals

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Use the Power Point as an overall guideline.

Step 1: Introduction and Learning outcomes on Power Point (PPT).

Step 2: Presentation of Market requirements & Business Goals (Theory).

Step 1: Exercise (2 hours): divide participants into groups, they may leave the classroom.

Participants will be required to develop market requirements & business goals for a new company producing Smart Watches.

Step 2: Participants should write all their findings on the Flipchart

Step 3: Using the QR code – a persona will be created representing the ideal customer for this product. This persona can either be drawn / written on the flipchart or printed out.

Step 4: Present the findings to the rest of the group.

Step 5: Summarize presentations and highlight important factors – or refer to the importance of factors that had not yet been mentioned.

Step 1: Presentation of the Eisenhower Matrix (Decision strategy) (PPT)

Step 2: Conducting of Exercise on the Worksheet (Attachment_0.2)

Step 3: After all students completed the worksheet, facilitate a discussion regarding the results of this test, what students think about it and if they were surprised by the results. Also discuss regarding if it is possible to change the personal decision making process and influence oneself in this regard.

Step 1: Present the resilient enterprises (PPT)

Step 2: Where fitting or where questions arise, try to facilitate a group discussion, and include the audience in the process.

Step 3: Effectively analyze risks. Presentation of theory (Rumsfeld Matrix) and questions to audience which experiences they already made and if they can name any personal examples in connection to the Rumsfeld Matrix.