Workshop Title
The learner is expected to have new creative and innovative answers when dealing with unpredictable situations

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Step 1: Learners are invited to express their consideration about

  • The making of decisions
  • The evaluation of the impact of decisions
  • Communicating and sharing the research and decision-making process

Step 2: Presentation of the concept of entrepreneurship and the principles of decision-making strategies through situations and cases by the trainer/facilitators in a as much as possible neutral way

Step 1: Learners are invited to write down anonymously two cases of decision-making specifying

Step 2: Trainer/facilitator, assembled and the consolidated version is shared with all learners

Step 3: Learners examine the cases and try to retrieve information and elements for a revision

Step 1: Each participant/learner writes down her/his own description of the chosen alterations in her/his business context