Workshop Title
The learner is expected to believe in himself

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Self Awareness

Step 1: please start with the definition of Self awareness, duration 30 min.

Step 2: exercise 1, each of the students should answer the Self awareness questions, duration of the exercise 15 min.

Step 3: exercise 2, please explain the Proust questionnaire. Each of the students should fill out that questionnaire, duration of the exercise 30min. This exercise could be used also as a homework exercise.

Step 4: exercise 3, each student should think about an important decision which they made in the past, they should write down exactly how and why they produced their decision. After that, each of the students should reflect on their previous decision-making process. Please use the feedback analysis template (Attachment 0.2). Some feedback analysis can be discussed in the group. Duration 30 min.

Step 5: exercise 4, let the students to feel out the wheel of life. Some of the wheels of life can be discussed in the group. How do these activities match your priorities in your Wheel of Life? The students after speaking with the group and lecturer about the current activities and priorities should answer the question ”is there anything you now plan to do differently?” Please use Attachment 0.3. Duration 30 min.

Step 6:  exercise 5, each student should feel out Attachment 0.4, duration 15 min.

Step 7: please present exercise 6, that exercise can be given as homework, 45 min.

Methods of training needs analysis

Step 1: please present the methods “observation”, “interviews”, “focus group discussions”, “surveys”, “document reviews”.

SWOT analysis

Step 1: please present the entrepreneurial SWOT analysis, duration 15 min. and use Attachment 0.5