Workshop Title
The learner is expected to remain to Business Goals with patience and resilience

Step by step instructions for the preparation and implementation of the workshop

Step 1: Introduction and Learning outcomes on Power Point (PPT).

Step 2: Presentation of Business Goals & Market Characteristics.

Step 3: Presentation of Limitations and Threats (SWOT).

Questions that fit the theory can be included and should facilitate a group discussion about the topics at hand.

Step 1: Students will be put in groups and conduct an exercise where they should create ideas and solutions regarding the issue why they think resilience is important and why it should be enhanced. (PPT)

Step 2: Students can leave classroom and have ~1 hour time to come up with ideas which they should illustrate in a creative way on the flipchart so that it makes sense and has a structure, yet, formality is not important due to the lack of time.

Step 3: Students will come back to the classroom and some groups will have the possibility to present their results (how many groups present depends on time).

Step 4: Presentation of theory why resilience should be enhanced in connection to what students worked on, highlight points that students included and remind them why other points which they probably did not mention are also noteworthy of considering.

Step 5: Examples of how companies responded effectively to COVID-19, facilitate a group discussion regarding companies that students know which performed well and adopted/adjusted to the new environment or situation.

Step 1: Go through the theory of how to positively adapt to risk or adversity

Step 2: How it is possible to bounce back from negative events or how one can stay on their feet and not get over excited during positive events (Trainers are encouraged to explain and share own examples and experiences).

Step 3: Distribute Handout – if there is enough time it is even possible to go over the handout in class together and facilitate a discussion about why asking reflective questions and how they are formulated is so important. If students are willing to share how they reflect on themselves and which approach they use, they are welcome to do so. (Attachment 0.2)